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The Queen’s Needle

Making the costumes of your dreams

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Custom Costume Design

 Couture (according to Webster’s Dictionary) means “the design and manufacture of fashionable clothes to a client's specific requirements and measurements.” While not “designer garments,” anything made to your specific measurements is technically couture, and it’s the Queen’s Needle speciality. 


We can make anything you want. The costume of your wildest and dreamiest of dreams can be made into a three dimensional reality at The Queen’s Needle. 

Just like a skyscraper needs a strong iron skeleton, your costume needs a foundation, something the Queen’s Needle team understands implicitly. Monique has a degree in sculpture and metal arts, so she specializes in the architecture of a costume or garment.The magic and science of garment construction ensures that you and your costume will stay put, feel comfortable  and be effortlessly fabulous. 

With almost 40  years of sewing, including 20+ years of professional theatrical costuming experience in San Francisco, The Queens Needle builds quality costumes that are both beautiful and durable. Our quality is informed by the years of education and hands-on skills  acquired while creating costumes that are built to last,.

It’s the highest quality of costume making….because you deserve it. 



Custom Costume

Custom costumes require that we have a detailed consultation, including taking measurements. It will last about an hour, so please plan accordingly. A small deposit will be charged for the consultation, which will be then credited to the costume build. 


Sewing Lessons

Do you love to sew, but sometimes find it frustrating? Do you have basic sewing skills? Would you love to make something really ornate, but you’re a little afraid to take the deep plunge, because you feel like your sewing abilities just aren’t quite there yet?


Monique is available for project-based, one-on-one sewing classes. Bring your basic sewing skills, plus a project, and Monique will guide you step-by-step, from fabric selection to measurements to troubleshooting- and she can teach you how to make your fantasy project a physical reality.


Sewing is fun with a friend, especially a friend who knows her way around a needle and thread! Sewing doesn’t have to be stressful or confusing. Let Monique share her decades of knowledge, tips and tricks. It’s an experience you’ll never forget, plus you walk away with an all new skill set and a beautiful item you made with your own hands. 


Group Sewing Projects

The Queen’s Needle offers a fun group  sewing class. (up to 3 people)


If you and your friends are interested in working together on a group project, like your Krewe costumes or a group Halloween/cosplay event, you can book time at the Queen’s Needle. Hang out, listen to music, socialize and create! Monique and her team create a fun environment where creativity is nurtured, and costume sewing and troubleshooting are addressed. She’ will help you avoid common costume pitfalls,  and teach you her tricks and tips. 


Your Group Sewing Project can be a single night for something simple, or for a longer span of time for larger projects. Call or email to book the Queen’s Needle! 

Wedding Dress

Specialty Alterations

We provide professional bridal alterations, from the smallest repair to major adjustments. The Queen’s Needle team can replace zippers and buttons, make size adjustments, shorten and lengthen hems.


Make It Exclusively Your Own:

Having difficultly finding your exact vision of a wedding gown? Monique can create veils, bustles, sashes, shawls and jackets.


Whether you want to shorten or lengthen the hem of a new skirt or completely revamp and custom fit your grandmother’s vintage bridal gown, the Queen’s Needle should be the exclusive source for all of your tailoring needs.

We have the expertise to cover even the most valued one-of-a-kind museum-quality pieces – even those with the most unique embellishments, including the replacement of fragile lace, intricate beading, metallic trims and embroideries.



Costume Consultation

Would you like to build your own costume for Halloween, Cosplay or Mardi Gras? You have a great idea but don't know where to start? Sign up for a one hour costume consultation. I can help you figure out the steps , supplies and techniques you need to create your vision.


Located Above Dark Garden Corsetry
3528 Magazine street, New Orleans

By appointment only


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